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If you are newer to programming or work for companies that don’t do reviews, you may be wondering why code reviews are so critical.

This question is more likely if you already have automated testing or a QA (Quality Assurance) team. Code reviews are necessary as they offer multiple benefits…

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Spaces can be a great way to bring in a new audience while offering unique content to your existing audience. I’ve seen many people bring in new followers and sell products using Spaces. Take advantage of all the features Twitter offers to grow your audience and income.

Here’s what I…

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My worst jobs often came down to the client and I mismatch. Every time a client was a great match, the jobs have earned me well past $10,000. When the client is a mismatch, I’m lucky to hit a few thousand dollars while I usually hate the job.

Find your…

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We like to think it is all rainbows and unicorns. We never would do anything to upset our precious clients. But news flash, we all do it at some point—even the best freelancers. I upset more clients than I care to admit.

So, why is your client upset?

You can’t deliver what you promised.

Clients hired…

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