Even Senior Developers Have Imposter Syndrome

  • Over ten years of professional experience
  • I’ve been programming since childhood
  • Spoken at a conference and meetups
  • Became a Senior Software Engineer at a company with a large and very talented developer group
  • Run a successful digital agency doing both consulting and development for startups and enterprises.

What is imposter syndrome?

A senior developer with imposter syndrome

  • Unfinished side projects — I have a long list of unfinished side projects. These are a mixture of personal projects and products I wanted to launch for my agency. Every time I get close to releasing something, I start feeling ashamed of the project. I compare it to competitors or just other things I see other developers put out there and start to feel embarrassed of what I worked on and like it won’t go anywhere. I have now restarted my passion side project three times after it was almost done due to imposter syndrome.
  • Deleted and restarted my blog — I used to have a blog going where I would write off and on. I never really wrote anything in-depth and even stayed away from some technical topics to avoid sounding like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Eventually, I just deleted it and now I have to start from scratch again.
  • Avoiding goals — I have some goals that I have had for many years. These are goals that are part of my dream of where I want to be as a developer and where I want my agency to go. I have always wanted to write books and courses. I love teaching and helping other developers grow but am often held back by feeling like I don’t know enough to be the right person to help.

How to handle imposter syndrome?

Talk to someone

Make a list of your accomplishments

Stop comparing yourself to others

Don’t worry about what you don’t know

No matter your language, you are a real developer

Get a coach (or a therapist)

You are not an imposter



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