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Helping other devs evolve & make more money | Senior Developer | 6 Figure Freelancer | Entrepreneur | Build in public |


  • Sora Wong

    Sora Wong

    Digital Marketing Experts|Project Manager|Bibliotherapy|Reader and Writer|A daughter

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Abhishek Pratap Singh

  • Heather Cooper

    Heather Cooper

    Writing about productivity, creating content, healthcare, tech, and inspiration | Freelance Writer | Pharmacist | Developer

  • Beekey Cheung

    Beekey Cheung

    Building a way to overcome information overload at

  • Hays Stanford

    Hays Stanford

    Helping people learn to build apps with React Native.

  • Darrin Atkins

    Darrin Atkins

    writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

  • SERGI πŸ’Ž

    SERGI πŸ’Ž

    Writer! my topics #writing #writingtips #marketingtips #socialmedia #marketing #SEO. join and

  • Off-Grid Romania

    Off-Grid Romania

    I am a blogger, I live off the grid, I save abandoned animals, I like to write stories and to train in martial arts

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